Should public schools have to notify parents about their child’s desire to change gender or their gender pronouns?
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    9 votes 90%
    9 votes – 90% of all votes
  • It doesn’t really matter… 10%, 1 vote
    1 vote 10%
    1 vote – 10% of all votes
  • No 0%, 0 votes
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Total Votes: 10
October 23, 2023November 20, 2023
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It was created to provide general Canada Child Benefits information only.

When the Canada Child Benefit recipient has passed away

If the benefit recipient has died, the next of kin or the estate must tell the CRA as soon as possible. Someone else may be eligible to get the benefits for the child.

If you are the surviving spouse or common-law partner of the former recipient, in most cases you won’t have to fill out a new CCB application. The child will be transferred automatically to your account.

We may still send a payment after the date of death if we are not aware of the death. If this happens, return the payment to your tax centre with a brief letter of explanation.

You are the benefit recipient and your spouse or common-law partner has died

If you receive benefit payments for a child and your spouse or common-law partner has died, contact CRA to inform his or her date of death. CRA will recalculate your payments to adjust your revised family net income.

You are the new primary caregiver

If anyone other than the parent is now primarily responsible for the child (such as a grandparent or guardian), that person will have to apply for benefit payments for the child in one of these ways: